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The Oracle is the adventure of two young brothers, Richard and Jorden. Richard is the older brother aged 14 and Jorden is his pesky sibling aged 5. Richard is a cool laid back character while Jorden is precocious, enquiring and without fear. He leaps before he looks. Richard has more foreboding, he’s still game for anything but only after he has fully evaluated the situation. The mischievous boys decide to sneak into their Dad’s laboratory to investigate his latest experiment. They are amazed to find what looks like a small flying saucer hovering in mid air and they scamper inside. Jorden accidentally activates the controls, the boys are suddenly flung into a space/time warp encountering distant galaxies and historical events back here on return to planet Earth.

The book is also an adventure for the reader. For the reader has the opportunity to discover the whereabouts of a hidden token and claim a cash prize. Somewhere in the UK, a token is hidden in an area accessible to the general public. Within the pages of this book there are several clues as to the whereabouts of the token. The pages of the book are filled with poems and lavish illustrations, which are a delight in themselves. The reader will take great pleasure in solving the clues that lead to the token. Readers can use the token to visit the Oraclebook website and claim the prize. The prize fund is displayed online and increases with the sales of the book. For every additional copy of the book sold (over and above the intial printing of 1,000), £1.00 will be donated to the prize fund.
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