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Read the Oracle – thought it was brilliant!
By Aletha Berry - Nice little short story but very educational at the same time! Love the fact it was dedicated it to your children and that they featured in the book too! Bet Jorden and Richard are very pleased. You’ll have to write another one for your daughters! 

To crack the code will take a little while longer – will get back to you on that one!

Not your average puzzle book
By  "alexsophie" - Not only does this book appeal to all ages it also has a wide range of different properties to keep you interested, riddles, stories and beautifully illustrated pictures. Read the book, work out the riddles, can you crack the mystery of 'The Oracle'? 

Pure escapism at its best
By "lori hemingway" - brilliantly imaginative work of art - literally. - The verse is clever and the illustrations are a delight, and enable the readers imagination to escape even further into the adventure.

A review of 'The Oracle: Lost in Time'
Reviewer: A reader,  A magnificent children's tale of adventure and mystery through the ages. This book is generously illustrated with glorious pictures and thought provoking poetry, even for the most ideal young prodigy.

a bit different
Reviewer: A reader, nicely presented and well thought out book that takes you on a whirlwind tour of history - the reduced history of life, the universe and all that. Enjoyable, and the mix of
poetry, standard text and pictures makes it an easy read.
Being hopeless at puzzles I haven't even tried solving the riddle but it's worth reading as a book in it's own right. 

intelligent spin on a children's book
By  Sheen "ai8401" (London, UK)  The Oracle was a surprising find - one for slightly older kids - it's not your conventional fare, which is actually what makes it special. Educational as well as interesting and fun, the book is peppered with bright, beautifully coloured illustrations that complement the text. The mix of poetry and prose ensure that this book will be one that any child will be able to remember fondly when they're older.

The prize found at................,
By  "adique" The story is very interesting and keeps the reader wanting to read more, it can be a tad frustrating when you turn the page and a poem appears. The poems themselves are quite interesting, not as much as the story though, however the content is historically correct. I would rate this five stars if I was able to locate the token, but I guess I'll have to read it again to find that out. 

Interesting and informative read
Reviewer: A reader, The Oracle is not only a great book for kids, it has something for adults to keep them interested and involved. The pictures are fantastic and if you are feeling intuitive, you can always take up the challenge for the £1,000 prize money. 

lost and found,
By  "leopc" - Something here for everyone, our kids enjoyed the poetry and especially the wonderful illustrations, and we enjoyed exploring all the different periods in history and we're hoping that we're the one's to find the Prize!
So poetry, history, great art work and the chance to win some much needed cash after Christmas, what more could you ask for?

The Oracle: Lost in Time
Reviewer: A reader, A brilliant, compelling read, interspersed with beautiful illustrations and delightful poetry. Would recommend this to all my friends and their children: it is very informative. Struggling with the treasure hunt ...... someone solve it - please!!!

The Riddle of the Sphinx 2 - It's back and it's personal
By  Dave Brooks.  It was about time someone created a improved version of the classic Masquerade. Mr Wilder appears to have taken the original idea and made a new masterpiece with the added appeal of educational value. A must for fathers and sons to gang up on mothers and daughters. I just wish I knew where the treasure was!