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To mark the aniversary of the original publication date of The Oracle we are publishing a series of offical clues.

1st Official Clue - December 23rd 2007

'The solution to this puzzle is not directly logical as in some other Treasure Hunts but instead involves some lateral thinking'

2nd Official Clue - February 3rd 2008

'If you think you know where it is, you're probably right but the devil is in the detail'

3rd Official Clue - March 30th 2008

'Navigation, navigation, navigation - to find the token, the code must be broken'

Here are the most recent clues in reverse order:

30th, and last Official Clue - 12th February 2018

Part 3 of 3

It's been 12 long years since we started
No one yet has found the prize
On a beautiful summer's morn
New hope arises with the dawn
Tomorrow, the highland dancers
In glorious ecstasy and joyful abandon

30th, and last Official Clue - 24th August 2017

Part 2 of 3

So where to next?
Everyone is perplexed
Come forth with your answers
Remember, the course must be charted
Every day brings a new surprise
This task is not for the faint hearted

30th, and last Official Clue - 22nd March 2017

Part 1 of 3

My friends, it's sad for me to have to write these words
And now the time has come to give the final clue
Journey has been fun and now we're nearly through
On the way I've had my thrills
Riding on the wave

29th Official Clue - 6th December 2015

At last we have arrived, the pyramid in front
There's still a way to go before we close this hunt
Turn around and look again, the prize is in plain sight
Face the truth, cross the line and it will serve you right

28th Official Clue - 28th April 2015 (Belated Easter Clue)

There's a shadow on the ground
It goes around and round
In the winter it is long
In the summer's nearly gone

What happened on Good Friday?
What's the link with Y2K
But first the bigger picture
It's not written in the scripture

27th Official Clue - 4th January 2015

Remember the poems, they also give a clue
They give an insight, if you like, a different view
They don't spell it out but they do give a sense
Can you solve the mystery and earn your recompense?

26th Official Clue -19th November 2014

Some pictures give a clue to the general location
One picture helps you pinpoint the prize
Some pictures guide you along the right path
And some lead you up the garden path
It's time to face the truth

25th Official Clue - 8th August 2014

Some of you are definitely thinking along he right lines but,  'The devil is in the detail'. How do you zoom in?

24th Official Clue - 18th April 2014

'Today's picture will help you pinpoint the treasure but what about the bigger picture?'

23rd Official Clue - 24th December 2013

'Tomorrow the Christian world celebrates the birth of Christ, the Son of God.  After 33 years he died on the cross, where is the cross?

22nd Official Clue - 28th October 2013

'X marks the spot and remember it's a moving target.  How can you pinpoint a moving target?'

21st Official Clue - 31st May 2013

in 3 weeks’ time it will be the summer solstice, 'The Longest Day'. Ask yourself why it is the longest day and how do we know that it is?  In the final analysis it will help you pinpoint the treasure.

20th Official Clue - 10th January 2013

'Don't worry about the nature of the token, focus more on the location'

19th Official Clue - 21st November 2012

'Christmas is coming, why is Christmas so special to the Christian world?  How does it impact our lives on a daily basis and we don't even think about it?

18th Official Clue - June 3rd 2012

'Imagine this is not a puzzle and you already know where the token is located.  How would you go about retrieving the token?

17th Official Clue - March 10th 2012

'Symbolism is the key, look for the signs to find the hidden meaning'

16th Official Clue - December 8th 2011

'Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat, please put a penny in the old man's hat - who is the old man?'

15th Official Clue - September 7th 2011

'To find the answer you must find the truth, face the truth and you'll be on your way'

14th Official Clue - June 4th 2011

'Ever decreasing circles conjures up an image, drill down to find the answer'

13th Official Clue - September 1st 2010

'Did the matter, anti-matter collision immediately after the big bang cause inflation?'

12th Official Clue - May 10th 2010

'It's like a jig saw puzzle, you can see the answer and you have all the pieces.  You just have to put them all together to make sense of it'

11th Official Clue - April 2nd 2010

'Today of all days, time is of the essence'

10th Official Clue - February 7th 2010

'Look ye North and South, High and low, East and West
In the final analysis you must face the truth'

9th Official Clue - August 4th 2009

'The road ahead is full of signs,
are you thinking along the right lines?'

8th Official Clue - April 10th 2009

'Today of all days, time is of the essence'

7th Official Clue - February 22nd 2009

'Poetry, Idioms and Rhymes, can you read between the lines?'

6th Official Clue - November 10th 2008

'What is important and what is not?  Remember it's a four dimensional thing'

5th Official Clue - September 19th 2008

Look for the deliberate mistakes and ask yourself why?

4th Official Clue - June 30th 2008

'The more you look, the more you see,
The more you see, the more you find
The more you find, the more you look'